Financial Firm | Outsourced Accounting


Hollencrest Capital grew from a small start-up organization to becoming one of the premier wealth management firms in Orange County. The financial firm manages over $550 million in investable assets and serves high-net-worth investors and private business owners across the country.


The firm had a full-time Controller on staff that managed payables and receivables and prepared the numbers for the required reporting to the SEC and FINRA. While these reports fulfilled the mandatory requirements, management was unable to get an accurate scorecard of the firm’s financial performance. Hollencrest Capital needed the insight of a CFO and turned to TAG as an outsourced option.

The Challenge

Using our proprietary approach developed over years of experience, TAG integrated seamlessly into the company. Hollencrest Capital viewed TAG as a virtual CFO and found immediate benefit from their counseling and knowledge. TAG streamlined all of company’s financial processes and implemented new reporting tools, so they could generate an accurate financial snapshot whenever needed. With the guidance of TAG, the management team was able to track trends, predict future courses of action and adjust accordingly in the upcoming quarters.

“We wanted a reporting system that was simple and straightforward. TAG customized a system that made it easy for us,” said Peter Pellizzon, Managing Director of Hollencrest Capital. “The beauty of having someone at a CFO-level on an external basis is that they can analyze from a different vantage point and give advice objectively. At this important juncture in our business, TAG provided exactly what was needed to meet our financial reporting and forecasting needs,” he said.

The Solution/Outcome

After TAG streamlined Hollencrest Capital’s finances, the management team was able to concentrate on acquiring more assets instead of worrying about how the company was faring financially. In just a few short years, the firm doubled its managed assets, as they were able to focus on marketing to high-net-worth individuals.

“After TAG stepped in, our stress level dropped dramatically,” said Pellizzon. “My partners and I used to find it difficult to determine where we stood with our financials on a day- to-day basis. Now because of TAG, we know where we are at all times and, more importantly, have the time and freedom to decide where we want to go.”