Start-Up |Outsourced Accounting


This San Diego-based start-up organization operates a Swiss-style private vault facility for protecting valuables against theft, fire, earthquake, and seizure. Unlike a bank, no social security number is required. Layered, electronic security is 24/7/365 by Diebold. Choose from a range of secure storage sizes, from safety deposit boxes to secure storage units up to 6 feet high. Within the ultra-secure confines of the company’s facility are also traded gold and silver coins and bars.


The company was referred to TAG in the early stages of their incorporation as a business resource to help evaluate enterprise software solutions for high security storage and implement a point-of-sale system for precious metals.

“We wanted to set-up all our systems, so they were rock solid from the start – security, software and accounting systems,” said Client.

The Challenge

TAG’s initial and ongoing engagement includes the following:

  • Setting up accounting policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and accuracy
  • Tracking re-occurring revenue
  • Implementing accounting software systems with point-of-sale to track buying and selling of precious metals
  • Providing timely financial statements

The Solution/Outcome

As an outsourced accounting and software consultant, TAG’s expertise enabled the company to put processes in place to accurately track cash flow and make better business decisions. TAG worked in support with the management team to provide real time access to information for both reporting and decision-making.

“We have a great relationship with TAG,” said Client. “Whenever we run into problems we can’t handle, TAG is our resource for business-related answers.”