UHNW Business Owner


An ultra-high-net-worth (uhnw) business owner and investor with multiple companies, rental properties, existing holdings and a luxury yacht.

Net Worth



This entrepreneur recently sold one of his businesses and needed help with his personal accounting, tracking of income, cash flow reporting and bill pay. As he started to invest in additional companies, he was also looking for an outsourced accounting resource to help with GAAP compliant financial statements for his new investments.


The Challenge

This client’s concerns revolved around the accuracy of the data his property management company was providing for his rental units.  He also needed accounting assistance for a newly acquired construction company for clear financials, and advice moving forward with company performance and strategy.

The Solution/Outcome

TAG delivers a customized approach for every client, depending on their needs and complexity of their financial life.

Outsourced Accounting & Personal Financial Reporting

  • Create a consolidated monthly trust balance sheet
  • Track all transactions and properly allocate
  • Implement a calendar of financial due dates for all rental properties to ensure mortgages, property taxes, insurance and utilities are paid on time
  • Work in conjunction with the property management firm to deliver accurate data
  • Setup internal controls to track new business entities, trusts, and partnerships
  • Track and consolidate investment accounts
  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts
  • Establish up-to-date and accurate financial statements for newly acquired business
  • Maintain yacht slips and make sure invoices are paid on time
  • Ongoing strategic advice on company performance

Personal Bill Pay:

  • Forward bills to a client-specific PO Box
  • Send a comprehensive list of bills for approval of payment
  • Pay bills out of a designated bank account
  • Bank and credit card statement reconciliations
  • Set up bill pay schedule
  • Vendor management report
  • Create weekly cash flow report
  • Track income and expenses


The Client was able to offload his personal accounting and bill pay tasks.  He gained financial clarity, knowing that his day-to-day transactions were being handled.  By having consolidated reporting every month he was able to see a clear picture of his wealth.