Thumbnail January 23, 2019
Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investor Gains Clarity with TAG Family CFO Services

Providing an Entrepreneur with Up-to-Date & Consolidated Financial Data for a Clear Picture of Wealth Case Study: Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investor & Business Owner Client: Ultra-high-net-worth entrepreneur with multiple business investments, rental properties and luxury yacht. Net-Worth: $150 Million + Background: An entrepreneur who recently sold one of his businesses needed help with his personal accounting, tracking […]

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Thumbnail December 12, 2018
The Best of Personal CFO & Bill Pay Services this Year

Personal CFO & Bill Pay Services for the High Net Worth TAG Family CFO is an outsourced accounting firm, focusing on personal CFO and bill pay services. In this post, we showcase the most popular content regarding TAG Family CFO, a personal CFO and bill pay service provider for the high-net-worth and family offices. #1 […]

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Thumbnail December 12, 2018
The Best Outsourced Accounting Blog Posts (Top Ten)

Ranking the Best Outsourced Accounting Posts of the Year TAG has a reputation as one of the best outsourced accounting firms in California and across the United States.  With a team of accounting experts who provide outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services for companies in various industries, TAG understands the importance of industry-specific reports and meeting deadlines. […]

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Thumbnail September 13, 2018
Top Signs That You Should Hire a Personal Bill Payer

A personal bill payer can help manage your complex financial affairs Could your family benefit from a personal bill payer? At TAG Family CFO, we are a reliable firm with a team of accounting and personal bill payer experts who understand the needs of the high-net-worth. If much of your free time is spent paying […]

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Thumbnail August 31, 2018
Keys to a Successful Onboarding of a High-Net-Worth Client

The “White-Glove” Experience of a High-Net-Worth Client Starts at Onboarding for TAG Family CFO The onboarding of a high-net-worth client sets the tone of the entire relationship according to TAG Family CFO, which provides family bill pay, consolidated personal reporting and cash flow management services exclusively to the high-net-worth.  As you can image, there is […]

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Thumbnail May 24, 2018
Five Signs That You Need a Back-Office Family CFO

What is a Back-Office Family CFO? At TAG Family CFO, our idea of a “Back-Office Family CFO” is a team of outsourced accountants who handle the financial reporting, bill pay, and cash flow management of a high-net-worth family, rather than having one single Family CFO who takes care of all the tasks associated with a complicated […]

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Thumbnail April 25, 2018
Family Wealth: How to Retain it with Better Financial Reporting & Cash Flow Insights

Retain your Family Wealth by Organizing your Financial Life Family wealth is a product of success and comes with great responsibilities. In a recent article in the Journal of Accountancy, the best time to evaluate your financial plan is after tax season when you have the most up-to-date information about your family wealth.  Nearly eight […]

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Thumbnail April 13, 2018
Why Use a Personal Bill Pay Service Firm?

As a personal bill pay service firm, TAG offers bill pay services that cater towards individuals and families who are dealing with complicated finances.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of bills and mail you receive each month and find it too time consuming to get your personal finances organized, you may want […]

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Thumbnail March 7, 2018
How to Reconcile a Brokerage Statement in QuickBooks | Accounting Tips

Reconcile a Brokerage Statement in QuickBooks: How-To Video Instructions In this accounting tips video, you will get step-by-step instructions on how to read and reconcile a brokerage statement in QuickBooks. Before you reconcile a brokerage statement in QuickBooks, it is important to understand the basics of what a brokerage account is. Consider outsourcing your QuickBooks accounting needs […]

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Thumbnail December 1, 2017
Prioritizing Family Life & Business this Holiday Season: An Interview with Anneke Stender

Top Ways to Handle Family Life and Business during the Holidays Written by: Kristin Hamann The most beautiful time of year is upon us – however, several responsibilities can cause stress and anxiety in family life and business.  It can be hard to find the right balance between organizing family life events and getting year-end […]

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