Sage Construction Estimating Software

Better estimates by every measure. More than any other estimating software, Sage Estimating stands apart – providing construction firms large and small with an estimating solution that helps build bids quickly and precisely while eliminating manual data re-entry as project responsibility changes hands.

Sage Estimating is a trusted and reliable solution. It provides estimators with the speed and precision they need to win more bids. And more than any other estimating solution available, Sage Estimating makes construction businesses more cohesive by uniting all phases of the project lifecycle – ensuring project efficiency even as bids are approved and project responsibility changes hands. It’s integrated. It’s accurate. It’s fast.


Improved Workflow from Initial Bid to Project Completion: The software works in tandem with accounting solutions from Sage to establish a seamless interplay between all project collaborators—even as project responsibility changes hands. Once a proposal is accepted, all the appropriate data feeds from the estimating side into accounting and project management. No data loss. No redundant entry. All team members are kept on the same page, looking at the most current data in order to make decisions—and helping do their part to move projects through the lifecycle from bid to finish.

Time Savings: When firms use Sage Estimating, they can save substantial time throughout the entire estimating process – gaining efficiency through automated takeoff capabilities, built-in cost databases, and easy-to-use estimating worksheets. Build-in reports and proposals can be generated quickly, providing a more sophisticated level of service to clients.

Accuracy: Profitable projects start with accurate estimates. Sage Estimating takes generic spreadsheets with error-prone formulas and hidden cells out of the equation. What you get are automated takeoff tools backed by powerful cost databases – greatly increasing your precision.


  • Fast, Flexible Takeoff Processes: Estimators can choose from a variety of takeoff methods including: Quick Takeoff, Item Takeoff, Smart Assemblies, Model Takeoff, as well as, Digital/Electronic Plan Takeoff and Takeoff from BIM Models.
  • Industry Specific Databases: Sage Estimating offers a variety of industry-specific databases to choose from. You choose the level of database building and configuration needed to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Variable, Customizable Pricing: Choose the materials pricing and labor production rates that make the most sense for the job whether that means the default settings or your own custom prices and rates.
  • SQL Server Database: Highly scalable from single users to the entire enterprise. Handles large volumes of data efficiently. Runs faster (lookups, queries, edits). Enhanced data analysis – utilize off-the-shelf tools to analyze data. Ability to leverage existing IT resources since most IT people are familiar with managing an industry-standard database like SQL Server.
  • Subcontractor Bid Grid: Simple way to store, analyze and select subcontractor bids and quotes by individual item or groups of items. Log each subcontractor’s name, bid quantity, unit price, total bid amount, and any notes in the pop-up grid. What if you change your mind? Simply check a replacement bid, and the substitution is made instantly.
  • Easy Adjustments: Make adjustments to estimates quickly without having to perform complex calculations or change spreadsheet formulas.
  • Distinctive Reporting: Standard reports are available in literally thousands of variations/options. Custom reports and proposals – different colors, fonts and shading available to fit your company’s brand.
  • Integration: Data sharing and enhances collaboration throughout the lifecycle of a project – bid to completion. Saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the need for redundant and duplicated data entry.

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