10 Reasons to Work at TAG

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Team TAG shares their top reasons why they are thankful to work at TAG. In no particular order, here are some of their opinions.

1. Location:

TAG has four office locations in California, including downtown La Jolla, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Ontario.  The main headquarters is in La Jolla, only steps away from the famous La Jolla Cove.  With the expansion of office space outside of La Jolla, TAG is able to conveniently work with clients throughout Southern California.

work at TAG

2. Team TAG Approach:

Since 1996, TAG’s growth and reputation has flourished as a direct result of our team’s capacity to address client needs and execute creative and effective solutions to a number of complex organizations.  Throughout the years, TAG’s operational efficiencies not only lent itself to TAG’s growth, but they have allowed TAG to create a staffing structure for optimal pricing.

TAG employees enjoy working on a number of different clients, in different industries, at any given time. This gives them more exposure to various tasks in accounting and increases their skillset.

The Team TAG Structure for an Outsourced Accounting Client:

  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Senior Staff Accountant
  • Junior Staff Accountant
  • HR/Recruiting

3. Team Building Events:

To make the Team TAG approach work effectively, TAG gathers all employees, from all office locations, every quarter for company-wide updates.  At these meetings, each division shares some highlights, including new clients, staffing news, marketing activities, software certifications and charity involvement.

TAG consists of four distinct divisions: Corporate Outsourced Accounting; TAG Family CFO; NetSuite Solution Provider; and Sage Construction Certified Partner.

The best part about these team building meetings is that they are centered around a fun and competitive event.  Accountants and software consultants do NOT like to lose! Plus, Rob Scherer always grills up his famous prime steak sliders.

Work at TAG

4. TAG Clients:

TAG provides accounting services and software solutions to a variety of companies, industries and high-net-worth families in Southern California and across the United States. With various divisions, serving startups to small and mid-market companies, there is not a “typical” client for TAG.  Here is a list of some clients and case studies within each division at TAG.



TAG Family CFO:

Sage Construction Software:

Corporate Outsourced Accounting:


5. COIs – Center of Influence:

TAG works closely with our client’s center of influence (COI) or trusted advisors.  We believe that a collaborative implementation with all of our client’s COIs leverages their total expertise and gives everyone the backdrop to make better financial decisions and achieve business goals.

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6. The Food:

Team TAG may consist of a bunch of accountants and software consultants, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all foodies at heart.  We love to eat! Thankfully, the kitchen is always stocked with snacks, desserts and more snacks.

Every month, TAG hosts a New Employee Luncheon to introduce new team members and enjoy pizza or a local La Jolla catered meal.

In addition to the monthly luncheons, TAG also hosts Quarterly Potlucks. This is an all-time favorite event at TAG. Every quarter we come up with a new ‘theme’ to be added to the sign-up list. Team TAG has employees from diverse backgrounds and it’s fun to try different food from different parts of the world.


7. Networking:

Since many TAG clients are referred by COIs (see number 5), we believe in the power of networking. TAG is actively involved in many business associations throughout San Diego, Orange County and Riverside County. TAG employees are members of organizations, such as ProVisors, BIA, ACG, CFMA, CalCPA and the list goes on.

In addition to attending networking events, TAG also hosts “Lunch and Learns”, “Educational Workshops” and “Webinars”.


8. Parties:

The executive management team at TAG likes to host parties!  TAG hosts holiday parties, client appreciation parties, open house parties and parties to celebrate employees and divisions reaching goals.


9. Out-of-Town Conferences:

As a leading software partner for NetSuite and Sage Construction Software, TAG sends software consultants to annual conferences to learn the updated features and latest requirements.

  • Sage Summit
  • SuiteWorld

10. Employees:

Last, but not least, one of the top reasons to work at TAG are the employees = Team TAG!  We call ourselves Team TAG, because, regardless of what division, or who our clients are, we work together as a team.  Many of our accounting clients depend on our software expertise in Sage and NetSuite.  Also, many of our software clients, appreciate the fact that we are an accounting team, consisting of CPAs, and Controllers who are knowledgeable in many industries.

Most importantly, we like to have fun!


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