Restoration Contractor | Sage 100 Contractor


In the late 1980s, two senior craftsmen from England were contracted to restore the plasterwork and scagliola in the New Jersey Statehouse. Their superior work and unique skills won the pair additional work, and in 1990, Hayles and Howe incorporated as a restoration contractor. Today Hayles and Howe, Inc. works throughout the country designing, fabricating, and installing ornamental plaster and scagliola for restoration contractor projects and new construction. It is a company that believes that even an ancient art can benefit from state-of-the-art technology. To that end, Hayles and Howe relies on Sage 100 Contractor and Sage Construction Anywhere.

The Challenge

As a busy restoration contractor, Hayes and Howe recognize that its off-the-shelf accounting software lacked the specialized tools needed to successfully grow and compete. The company works on projects throughout the country and needed an effective way to collect and share timely project data with its field staff.

The Solution/Outcome

Sage 100 Contractor has been serving the contractor successfully for many years. More recently, Hayles and Howe implemented Sage Construction Anywhere.   The company credits its ability to grow and take on larger projects to the tools and functionality provided with its Sage solutions. Field staff has instant access to current job-related data from their mobil devices. The company‚Äôs bottom line has improves thanks to the efficiencies the software delivers.