Roofing Contractor Regains Control of Inventory


Ray St. Clair Roofing is a family-owned business based in Fairfield, Ohio. Specializing in home and commercial roofing repairs and replacement, they also handle a variety of external home enhancement services including gutter repair and replacement, gutter protection, chimney repairs, siding and window and door installations. As the business grew and their service offerings expanded, Ray St. Clair Roofing realized material stock inventory was also growing, causing a significant increase in their storage and inventory-carrying costs.

The Challenge

The management team determined they needed to reduce their inventory stock value by $100,000 within 12 months. They set out to find a system that not only connected their existing construction management software buy was simple and absent of frivolous product features such as those commonly found in canned inventory packages. Read: 4 Ways to Prepare for New Accounting Software

The Solution/Outcome

After a review of current business processes, the controller of Ray St. Clair Roofing and software consultant recommended Core Cloud Systems (CCS), a mobile solution for managing a variety of business processes. CCS was capable of connecting to any existing software application and could be customized to the company's specific requirements.

"We needed to move from a Just in Case inventory system, which can be a big waste of time, to a the more prudent Just in Time system," said Tom Grabo, controller. "It was clear that CCS was our answer for procuring a simple inventory system where we could do our material counts, enter purchases, consume through pick tickets, and create POs to better control the amount of inventory we kept on-hand."

About Core Cloud Systems

Core Cloud Systems (CCS) offers a simple way to manage business workflows, forms, portals and more, all in one place. With many, configurable solutions readily available, users have access to create or customize their own business applications from virtually anywhere including:

  • CCS Daily - Daily Production Reports
  • CCS Pay - Payroll
  • CCS Credit Card - Credit Card Reconciliation
  • CCS PO - Purchase Orders
  • CCS Inv-Control - Inventory Management
  • CCS Time - Worker Time Tracking